Develop Client Relationships With AWD Corporate Events

Here at AWD, we are proud to be a leading business event management company that can help your business enhance its client relationships. Corporate events are great for client relationship development and they give you the opportunity to say ‘thanks’ to those who have supported your business.

Business Event Management – The Benefits

Investing in business event management can be incredibly beneficial for both your business and your clients. Corporate events can create longer-lasting relationships with clients and encourage them to network and engage with each other on a deeper basis. By taking part in an event together, you can help to improve communication, enabling your clients and employees to ‘put a face to name’ when it comes to business relations. Face-to-face engagement can enhance productivity even further, and by getting to know each other more you can create a relationship with a customer that can lead to growth and success for your business in the future.

Thanking Customers With A Trip To Saint Petersburg

We are incredibly versatile and can provide corporate event packages to accommodate a wide range of businesses and clientele. As an example, the team provided corporate event management to a leading car servicing company, who wanted to thank their top eight customers – and their partners – for their loyal custom. The business was looking for a stand-out experience that differed to anything that their customers may have experienced before. We sent the group to Saint Petersburg on a ‘couple’s programme’ with a special AWD twist. Accompanied by a police escort, the group travelled into town by coach on the Friday evening – a time that would usually be incredibly busy with the traffic in such a popular tourist city. However, the police escort stopped traffic at all major junctions, letting the coach of attendees make their way to the hotel in ‘VIP-style’. Upon arrival to the hotel, traditional vodka drinks were served before they took residence in the grand hotel hall that featured a mesmerising double staircase. The guests were exclusively greeted by the Red Army Choir who performed on the staircases for around twenty minutes as a special welcome. After this performance, they were taken out for dinner courtesy of the French Wine Company. The guests dined in the Yusupov Palace where the décor is predominately gold leaf and a private musical concluding the evening. The following day involved an exclusive private tour of the main city museum in Saint Petersburg and then a tour of the world-famous Hermitage Museum. We then boarded a specially-arranged original Russian private train that dated back to the 19th century, this took us to Saint Catherine’s Palace where we had another private tour including the Amber Room. In two nights, we managed to create some fantastic memories and our client was able to express their gratitude in an unforgettable way to their customers.

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