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Edge of Space Experience

Experience the breathtaking views at 66,000 feet aboard one of the highest flying aircraft in the World The Mig-31. Whilst flying at twice the speed of sound you will experience the ultimate view of the pronounced curvature of the Earth, this is a once in a lifetime chance to be at the edge of space.

After your briefing by one of the World’s finest pilots your ready to be strapped in and go! The aircraft jumps forward as the brakes are released, the afterburners coming on with twin tails of orange flames giving renewed urge to the rapidly increasing speed. After a few more seconds, smooth take off, accelerating towards Mach 1 all the time. A couple of gentle 360 degree rolls bring a renewed surge of adrenaline and excitement. Shortly after takeoff your aircraft will already be accelerating through the sound barrier and heading towards Mach 2 as your pilot continues to pull the stick back. The climb to altitude is quick, the voice in your headset will start counting off the kilometres, 18, 19, 20 and finally 21 kilometres altitude, above 99% of the atmosphere.

The sky will be black, the Earth curving away below you, the atmosphere a thin blue line glowing on the horizon. There is only space beyond. You will be one of the fastest travelling, highest flying humans. You can take photos and videos from the edge of space before your even more rapid descent, a final roll over the airfield, turn, gear down and land.