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Specialist Events, Motivational Programmes & Incentives

Motivation is a critical aspect in a business and can even determine the level of a business’s success. Unfortunately, some companies fail to see the importance of employee motivation which leaves them unable to grow at the rate of their competitors.

This is where we come in. AWD’s Motivational Programmes and Incentives aims to motivate staff by making them feel valued and belonging to the company which in turn increases performance and productivity. Research has found 43% of the UK workforce experience work related stress; stress from a job can be enough to demotivate and therefore disengage some employees. By introducing a motivational programme, employees will have more willingness to carry out tasks which will also maintain a more tranquil manager-employee relationship as you will both be working to achieve the same aims.

There are many benefits of having motivated employees, one being increased job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can influence an employee’s productivity and performance as well as affect a business’s job retention rates and growth. Another benefit is increased employee productivity and willingness. An individual’s output level is determined by their capacity for work and their willingness to complete the work set. This is why motivation is so important as without motivation employees may have no willingness to complete tasks and therefore decrease productivity levels.

Research by Gallup and Harris Interactive Polling found as little as 29% of employees are actively engaged at work whilst a huge 71% are not engaged or are actively disengaged. These figures show the significance of motivational programmes and incentives and with them we aim to make your business a highly productive and efficient environment where employees enjoy to be.


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