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team building trips

Taking your team the extra mile with AWD Team Building Trips

7th February 2019

Team building trips can help to enhance the skills and productivity of your staff. By getting your employees to take part in group activities or events, you can help to break down communication barriers and encourage them to get to know one another even further. AWD – How can we help? We’ve got plenty of…

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corporate events

Make your conference one to remember with AWD

5th February 2019

Corporate events can easily become a never-ending circle of the same conferences and meetings in the same style set-ups. If you are a regular attendee or a host of conferences, you will understand that the events can sometimes become quite boring, leading you to become disengaged with the information that is being relayed to you.…

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corporate entertainment

Using corporate entertainment to enhance your client relationships

14th December 2018

Investing in corporate entertainment is a great way to create loyal and long-lasting working relationships with your clients. Here at AWD Group, as one of the country’s leading event managers, we specialise in corporate event management programmes for both small and large businesses. Why should your business invest in corporate events? No matter how big…

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conference presentations

Top tips to run a successful conference

5th December 2018

When it comes to conference presentations, there are many different aspects to consider if you want to make the event a success. Conferences can offer businesses all sorts of advantages if done correctly – helping you to showcase your company and everything it is all about. They are a great way to network with other…

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employee motivation

Luxury incentives for employees – Reward your team the right way!

28th November 2018

Statistics prove over and over again that employee motivation is formed through incentives and rewards for your team. Employees work harder when they are happier, and making investments into incentives for employees is a great way to generate motivation in the workplace. Here at AWD, as one of the country’s leading experts in staff incentives,…

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indoor team building events

Beat the British weather with AWD indoor team building events

26th November 2018

Indoor team building events are one of the most successful ways to develop the skills and collaboration of your staff. Here at AWD, as one of the country’s leading providers of unique event experiences, we can help you organise a great team building activities package that is guaranteed to be a worthy investment for you…

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events management company AWD BMW event

Reward your driven team with a BMW driving experience they’ll never forget!

16th October 2018

AWD are a midlands based events management company that provide inspirational and unique event experiences to the corporate sector. Whether you are looking for team building experiences, staff incentives or corporate entertainment, we provide a range of different services that can help you motivate your team to reach the ultimate success.   Looking for an…

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event planning

What is a Unique Events Experience?

11th June 2018

No matter how exceptional the food or event is, it can still be a challenge to make an employee incentive or party stand out among the other events that business people attend, year in and year out. However AWD not only make your chosen event stand out, they make it an experience and one that…

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team building

Why reward your team or those individuals that have showed outstanding levels of work?

23rd April 2018

A reward can be defined as something that is given to someone in recognition of their service, efforts or skill. As humans our behaviour can be shaped by rewards due to the positive effect they have on the reward system within our brains. This therefore means with an employee reward scheme we can encourage high…

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event organisation

AWD Travel Management Experts

10th April 2018

We combine our knowledgeable teams of qualified travel consultants with the latest in online booking technology and travel content to make travel management easy. Whether you are a small or large business, AWD are here to help you with all your travel management needs. Hundreds of corporations are using AWD to manage their travel programmes…

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