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Begin a journey into the heart of London for your next corporate event, where historic landmarks meet the pinnacle of modernity. From the innovative heights of The Shard to the iconic atmosphere of Wembley Stadium, London stands as an epicentre of premier venues and unforgettable experiences.

Why Choose London for Your Corporate Event?

Amidst London’s rich tapestry of history and modern marvels, every corporate event is infused with a unique vibe. Whether you’re looking to organise an invigorating team-building getaway, host a grandiose conference, or celebrate significant company milestones, London presents a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy that will leave a lasting impression on all attendees.

Tailoring Your London Corporate Experience

Personalise your event with a handpicked selection of London’s finest attractions. Whether it’s a night of laughs at a comedy club, a competitive round of indoor golf at Swingers, or the culinary splendours of the Sky Garden, each activity is chosen to enhance your corporate occasion and engrave an indelible mark on your company’s history.

Luxury Venues and Experiences For Events in London

Melia Hotel, The Strand:
Nestled in the city’s beating heart, the Melia Hotel exudes luxury and sophistication. It stands as a perfect prelude to the adrenaline of sporting events, providing an oasis of calm and elegance for every guest.

The Rugby Experience:
Dive into the electrifying world of Rugby with the Autumn Internationals or the Guinness Six Nations. This experience is heightened by The Green Room’s legendary hospitality, featuring riverboat transfers to Twickenham, a light supper, and drinks at ME London’s rooftop bar – an exquisite blend of sport and leisure.

Shangri-La at The Shard:
Ascend to the Shangri-La within The Shard, where opulence meets sky-high views. Here, service goes beyond expectations, with panoramic vistas of London’s sprawling landscape. GONG offers the ideal spot for sunset cocktails or late-night musings, high above the city’s twinkling lights.

Wembley Stadium:
Feel the buzz of Wembley Stadium’s electric atmosphere during a corporate event with VIP hospitality. Explore the stadium’s secrets with an exclusive tour, delving into the press room and player’s tunnel, and ensure every guest experiences the UK’s largest sports venue’s unforgettable charm.


What kind of venues can we expect in London?
London’s portfolio of venues ranges from the opulent halls of grand hotels to the legendary stands of iconic stadiums, catering to events of any size and style with impeccable British hospitality.

When is it ideal to host an event in London?
London’s allure is year-round; however, the temperate climes of spring and autumn offer an idyllic backdrop for any event, with the city’s gardens and parks in full bloom or displaying autumnal hues.

Are there team-building activities that highlight London’s culture?
Definitely. Opt for a city-wide treasure hunt that reveals hidden gems, partake in a British baking workshop, or challenge your team with an escape room set in the shadow of the Tower of London.

How accessible are London venues for international guests?
With several international airports and an extensive public transport network, including the iconic red buses and the Underground, guests can easily navigate to and from any event location in this global city.


London Awaits You

Every element of London – from its regal skyline to the resounding cheers in Wembley – brings a touch of magnificence to your corporate events. It’s a city where dreams and history intersect, ensuring every meeting, conference, or corporate gathering becomes a milestone event. London beckons for your next corporate engagement, offering an experience draped in sophistication and excitement.

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