Conference Management

Conference Management & Events

Corporate conference management services can enable to you create the perfect event that achieves your business goals. Conferences are extremely important for growth and expansion in a business. Not only can they help you and your employees to gain knowledge and insights into important business day-to-day running’s, they can also be used to leverage your own expertise too.

Conference Organisers

Conferences provide a great platform to voice your own knowledge and strategies. They also encourage others to look up to you, potentially even having an impact on other people and businesses. Due to the importance these events can hold, hiring conference organisers could be the way to go.

No Stress Conference Planning

As conference organisers, we enjoy the challenge of planning and running conferences small or large. The task we set ourselves is to work within the client brief, and strictly to the budget. Most importantly, with the objective of ensuring the business messages are presented in a fun, exciting way. It is our primary responsibility to take the ‘weight off your shoulders’ when it comes to conference planning. As a result, you can perfect your presentation ready for the day. With our conference management services, you can be sure to host an unforgettable event.

Bespoke Corporate Conference Management

After working closely with you to make sure we know exactly what you are looking for, we’ll help set up the agenda for the entire day. When planning out the corporate event day, we’ll bear in mind refreshments, lunch breaks and any other breaks you’d like to take place. By trusting AWD to handle the organisation of your conference, you can rest assured that everything important is taken care of. Therefore, you can focus on the content or activities you want to offer.

Efficient, Organised Event Management

We work hard to make sure that everything runs perfectly from start to finish. With efficient and professional organisation of the day made well in advance, we can guarantee you a calm and pleasant environment for your presentation. Although we aim for every aspect of the day to run on time, we know that sometimes schedules can overrun. We won’t let this jeopardise the smooth operating of the day however. Instead we will always be communicating with someone inside the meeting room (or keeping an eye on it ourselves). By ensuring we remain up-to-date with the agenda, we can make sure food and drinks are served at appropriate times. As a result, retaining a positive and relaxed atmosphere for when attendees come out of the conference.

Conference Organisers

By AWD seeking a superlative venue to hold your event, it will not only give a good first impression of your business but also help the conference run even smoother. By having something as simple as enough space, AWD can ensure your clients lasting impression is always positive.

Research has found the information from the majority of presentations absorbed by an audience is approximately 40%. Our objective is always to achieve at least 25% higher than this. With organising around 40 conferences a year across the UK and Europe, we use this experience for the client’s benefit.

Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves in being highly skilled in what we do. We aim to optimise information retention by providing a top-class environment for discussion and learning. All whilst keeping your clients comfortable at all times. A client can get a lot of information of your success, attention to detail and relevancy in the modern world just from your conference room. This is why at AWD the venue is so important.