Travel Management

Travel Management

AWD Travel Management goes beyond just booking your flights. We provide our ever-growing client base with everything they may need when travelling, including transport and accommodation. With over 488 million business trips a year in the USA, it’s becoming even more important to ensure your business has an impact internationally – as well as nationally. By utilising our partnerships with travel companies, we are able to source services at very competitive prices. Allowing us to ensure you, the client, only ever pays what we pay.

Managing Your Travel Arrangements

Trusting AWD to manage the travel arrangements means that there is one less thing for you to worry about when it comes to planning your business trip. The service can be highly beneficial for everyone, particularly if we are already organising other aspects of the event. This can be very useful as it means that there is one less person involved in the communication loop. Often, when you have multiple people covering different aspects of a trip, there is a much stronger likelihood of things going wrong.

We Control The Entire Process

By having AWD cover the important aspects, you can rest assured that we will be in control of all the entire process. We can tailor any new plans around the current agenda. As a result, we ensure the whole trip will be running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We’ll be able to foresee potential delays and put you on a different flight or train if necessary. Additionally, we will monitor any other potential disruptions, stepping in long before they make an impact on your own journey.

A Faultless Journey

Your business trip will work much better with AWD managing your travel arrangements. We’ll guarantee you a faultless and enjoyable journey from beginning to end. As well, we will perfectly shape the trip around your own budget and preferences. Our tailored approach allows us to provide solutions for stakeholders at any level in your organisation. Therefore, allowing you to be fully flexible with who travels in your business, and ensure the trip is faultlessly executed.

We Will Always Adapt Our Service To Our Clients’ Needs.

Some of our event travel management services include air travel, accommodation, door to door transfers and group conference and events travel. We will always adapt our service to our clients’ needs. Therefore, we always ensure you are safe and comfortable whatever stage of your journey.

Our flight services range from short domestic flights, to overnight international flights. They also include all classes of seating and service. Business class provides a convertible seat to bed, allowing a more relaxed sleeping experience especially on long journeys. When you arrive at your destination, we ensure you can then focus on the business you flew for. As opposed to trying to organise cars and rentals, that can all be done for you.

A Taste Of Luxury

The journey to the destination is going to be the first taste of the trip or event that you are hosting. Therefore, you may wish to get the trip off to the right start with a taste of luxury for you or your clients. Here at AWD, we can cater to a wide range of budgets. We can even offer high-end travel solutions should you require it.

Safety First

At AWD, we take your safety seriously. As a result, we plan all services, such as transport, with the highest degree of care and awareness. We only work with trusted companies who we know can provide you with the safety and security you need when travelling overseas. Our management skills will shape your trip to the culture and standards of the destinations you visit, which will help in keeping your safety intact.