Hybrid Events

An Effective Way To Combine Live And Virtual Experiences

The ever-increasing rise in remote working demands an effective way to combine live and virtual experiences in order to continue maximising on event participation and reach. With this in mind, here at AWD events, we are proud to introduce: Hybrid Events.

Powerful Online Platform

As one of the country’s leading corporate event organisers, we are always looking for new ways to ensure you can reap the maximum benefits of an event. AWD hybrid events connect virtual audiences with the live event in real-time using our powerful online platform.
The live event can be captured and streamed online, meaning that almost everyone has the ability to be involved – even if they are unable to physically attend.

How Do Hybrid Events Work?

The process to host a hybrid event might sound quite technical, but to begin with, the event just needs to be organised as normal. We’ll work with you of course, discussing your individual requirements and finding out everything you are looking to gain from the event.

Online Platform

Once a mind-blowing agenda for the day has been secured, the event has been promoted, and you have invited your attendees, our experienced team will set up the online platform as needed. On the day, we’ll be on-hand, taking care of all of the filming and virtual integration and making sure everything runs seamlessly – leaving you to focus on the activities and event schedule.

Collaborative Activities & Interaction

The livestreaming of your hybrid event will be available online for all of the remote attendees to view and participate in. Everyone (both those there in person, and those online) can take part in any Q&As or collaborative activities as they would if both types of audiences were physically present. We know that interaction is vital in many types of events for businesses, so we’ll be making sure interactivity can take place as smoothly as it would a traditional event. From viewing CV’s and video chatting to debates, presentations, hybrid events encourage the highest levels of networking with a much wider audience.

Once the event is over, the recorded footage of the day can be stored and made available for those who wish to view it, this means even those who weren’t able to make the event at all are still able to catch up on anything that could be beneficial.

Launch Your Event

Hybrid Events: The Benefits

Hybrid events are a massive breakthrough in the events industry; truly encompassing all of the benefits of the digital world and virtual events, before merging them with the unbeatable advantages of face-to-face interaction. They are one of the most innovative ways to host a wide range of events including conferences, exhibitions, open days, careers fairs, product launches, and team building activities.

By going part-virtual, you have access to a far wider audience than you would keeping your event limited to physical attendees. As a result, helping to build brand reach, awareness and of course participant engagement. Hybrid events often appeal to more attendees due to their cost-effectiveness as there will be no obligation to travel and therefore giving them much more flexibility.