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Are you in danger of becoming a “Zoom Zombie”? Fed up of seeing cat backgrounds, muted mics, and virtual quizzes? The list goes on! 

Firstly, a huge thank you to those companies who have invested in virtual meeting technology. Without a doubt, they have helped us all in these difficult times. With these technologies, we have been able to maintain business communications, keep travel to a minimum, and help comply with social distancing. Companies worldwide have been thrown into uncertainty – here at AWD Group we know exactly how that feels too. But COVID-19 will not conquer, and as one of the UK’s leading corporate event companies, we believe that it is time to kickstart your corporate events calendar. 


Is Now The Right Time To Plan A Corporate Event?

Business normality is likely to return in the late summer/autumn. With this in mind, now is the best time to start planning future company strategies. It is also a good time to take a look at budgets and how to get your staff’s motivation soaring again. For most businesses, normality is on hold at the moment and many of you will have had events cancelled or postponed. Once normality has returned however, it will be time to play catch up. By getting ahead of the business events game now, you can save precious time (and potentially money) so that you can focus on other important things once your business is back up and running normally. 


Bringing Your Business To A Hotel

Using corporate event companies can offer you many advantages – particularly in the current climate. Here at AWD Group, we have over 25 years of event planning experience under our belts. As a result, we have some particularly close relationships with large hotel groups and specialist hotels. Many of the hotels we work with provide large spaces that can be used for conferences, team building exercises, and client relationship development. It goes without saying that the most effective way for teams to communicate is face-to-face. This allows for spontaneous interaction and fresh ideas to be put on the table. Large conference rooms also give space for managers to rebuild teams and help engage and motivate them for future plans. Additionally, they can be used to deliver a massive ‘thank you’ to the employees during this difficult period. 


How Can AWD Group Help With Your Corporate Event? 

Our group of hotels are very flexible and of course extremely aware of the financial situation. They have space to sell, be it overnight rooms or small/large meeting rooms. Put simply, they are competitively priced, and we are taking advantage of the special rates to secure them for clients. We understand that it is difficult for clients to make fixed commitments right now. However, we have negotiated a high degree of flexibility with our hotels. Rest assured that each event enquiry will be looked at and a package agreed to suit individual budgets. 


Corporate Event Planning

If you begin to put plans in place now, you will certainly be ahead of your events calendar. There is no official date for lockdown ending yet, but you should still get started with planning in the interim. Otherwise, you will end up having to compete with a lot of other businesses when event locations officially open again. So, now is definitely a good time to get thinking about your company’s post lockdown corporate events. Here at AWD Group, we have got all of the resources, contacts, and expertise you need in order to create an engaging and inspiring event. As experienced event managers in the UK, we can help you work out exactly what your event needs to achieve, and identify how that needs to be done. 


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