The Shard in London

The Shard in London

London is the pinnacle of astonishing views, luxury accommodation and designer shops none more profound than The Shard. AWD Group can offer a range of bespoke services & event management at this luxury venue for all parties.

The iconic London Bridge

The Shard went from a 1970’s office block to one of the world’s most poignant buildings. Its nearby neighbourhood encapsulates a brief snippet of London, including the iconic London Bridge. As well as a burgeoning business and cultural nucleus. The 95 story skyscraper offers spectacular views. AWD can help you make the most out of the views by offering corporate incentives to special diners and lunches.

Variety of Restaurants and Bars

The Shard London has a variety of restaurants and bars and all of which have a different setting. If you are looking for somewhere to take your employees to build relationships or as a motivation boost, the Shard is the place for you.

Weekend Away Days

You could even take your employees on a weekend away, to show them that they are a valued member of the team. At the Shard, they offer a luxurious home away from home. This will allow your employees to spend time away from the stress of work and relax. This will then determine them to work harder when they return to work.

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So if you would like to treat your employees for their hard work, contact AWD to see what events we can arrange for you at the Shard.