How To Make Executive Team Building Activities Effective

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It’s safe to say that having worked through a pandemic for the past 12 months, we are going to have to make a lot of adjustments as and when we head back to the office. Remote working has its list of pros and cons, but one thing we can be sure of is that working back in a team will very much differ to current working environments. So how do you get your employees to bounce back into a collaborative work environment? By providing them with an environment for which they can connect, collaborate, and have fun together again – such as a team building event. 

Team building events often have negative connotations. It’s a day that can sometimes send chills up the the bravest spines: the corporate team building day. After all, who wants to share intimate experiences with Susan from HR, or solve problems tied to Dave from IT? 

But ever since we discovered that psychological conditions in a workplace motivate workers more than physical conditions, managers have strived to build happy and effective teams. Additionally, company researchers have now realised that the social aspects of executive team building activities can have a greater impact on successful performance than competition.

In fact, it’s been found that teams with high levels of energy and engagement outside formal work events perform better, and by allowing workers to socialise as a group, it improves rather than hinders productivity. 


So, what makes a successful team building event?

Fortunately, the world has moved on somewhat from the forced trust-building games and awkward interactions that used to give corporate team building such a bad name. The best team building events now have a greater focus on fun and natural interactions whilst often incorporating a touch of corporate social responsibility too. That’s why outdoor team building trips and outdoor team building activities are now so popular. 


Here at AWD, we have a wide range of corporate events to choose from. Whether you are looking to motivate your team, build on work relationships, enhance collaborative working, improve skills, or a mixture of everything, we’ll find the perfect events package for you. New to 2021 are our hybrid event packages too – a blend of virtual and real-life experiences that capture as many attendees as possible and take the success of your event to whole new levels.

Why are team building activities better outdoors?

The outdoors makes people feel more comfortable and alleviates the pressure of an office environment where the “nose to the grindstone 24/7” vibe is ever-present. Being outdoors for executive team building activities lets down the professional guard and encourages people to communicate and share ideas with coworkers they normally wouldn’t see or talk to on a regular basis. 

Side note: new spaces with new people inspire new ideas! 

Spending time with colleagues that don’t normally interact with each other will naturally bring about conversations on the subject of work. From this employees can learn something from one another, make new friends and they can foster ideas for a more harmonious and improved work environment.  Outdoor experiences tend to inspire creativity, increase energy levels, and have a positive effect on productivity. Every workplace will have its ups and downs, but implementing outdoor team building activities into your strategy will boost morale and camaraderie between employees and make for a more effective and efficient work environment.


Executive team building activities at AWD 

At AWD we create interactive team building events that turn individuals into great collaborators and more effective team players. Our unique approach to helping businesses reach their full potential means your team will learn while having fun. With restrictions now easing we have access to a wide range of outdoor team building locations where we can get your team motivated and excited for a return to the office. So what’s your plan for your next round of executive team building activities? Call AWD today for exciting team building ideas and get your team out in the great outdoors. 

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