Motivational Programmes and Incentives

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Specialist Events, Motivational Programmes & Incentives For Employees

Motivation is a critical aspect in a business and can even determine the level of a business’s success. Unfortunately, some companies fail to see the importance of employee motivation. Therefore, leaving them unable to grow at the rate of their competitors.

This is where we come in with our corporate incentive programmes.

Staff Motivation Programmes

AWD’s Staff Motivation Programmes and Incentives for Employees aim to motivate staff by making them feel valued and belonging to the company. As a result, increasing performance and productivity. Research shows that 43% of the UK workforce experience work-related stress. Stress from a job can be enough to demotivate and therefore, disengage some employees.

By introducing a motivational programme, you will increase employee engagement. In turn, employees will have more willingness to carry out tasks which will also maintain a more tranquil manager-employee relationship, as you will both be working to achieve the same aims.

AWD Event Organisers

At AWD, we go the extra mile when it comes to organising Specialist Events, Motivational Programmes & Incentives for employees. We want all of the staff to be excited and motivated long before the actual event takes place. Therefore, we work hard to make sure this happens using a wide range of strategies. From sending the office a ‘teaser gift’ of the upcoming trip or calling them up personally, we’ll do our best to make sure your staff are striving to hit their targets. They, they can take part in the staff incentive programmes and events we have planned.

Creating Incentives for Employees With Corporate Incentive Programmes

So why are employee motivation incentives important? There are many benefits of encouraging motivation in the workplace, one being increased job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can influence an employee’s productivity and performance. In addition, it can affect a business’s job retention rates and growth. It is also great for increasing employee productivity and willingness. An individual’s output level is determined by their capacity for work, and their willingness to complete the work set. This is why motivation is so important. Without motivation, employees may have no willingness to complete tasks and therefore decrease productivity levels.

Enjoyable For All Attendees

Sometimes there will be a variety of different people attending, and we know how important it is to make sure that the trip is still able to be enjoyed by all. When we know exactly who will be on the trip, we will look at the list of winners and create a ‘guest profile’. By using this planning strategy, we can make sure that the employee rewards that are being planned will appeal to everyone. As well as ensuring that all attendees will be comfortable and happy.

Ideas For Corporate Events

There are endless options of corporate incentive programmes that we can provide for your team, and here at AWD we will accommodate everything around your budget and preferences. Whether it’s dinner at The Shard in London, or a fully catered ski trip in France, there are many different trips to choose from. All of them can be tailored around your own team, and what they will enjoy and benefit from.

Higher Engagement At Work

Research by Gallup and Harris Interactive Polling found as little as 29% of employees are actively engaged at work. Whilst a huge 71% are not engaged or are actively disengaged. These figures show the significance of motivational programmes and incentives. With them, we aim to make your business a highly productive and efficient environment where employees enjoy to be.