Wembley Stadium: The Gold Standard for Business Events and Corporate Hospitality

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Synonymous with grandeur and history, Wembley Stadium is more than just a football icon; it’s the ultimate destination for world-class Conference Facilities at Wembley Stadium and business engagements. Nestled in the heart of Wembley, this iconic venue boasts a seating capacity of 90,000, ensuring unobstructed views for all.

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Distinguished Business Events at Wembley Stadium with AWD

  • Majestic Silhouette with The Arch:
    Towering at 133 metres, the Wembley Arch is not only a visual spectacle but also a testament to design excellence. Ensuring unrestricted views across all seats, it exemplifies the meticulous planning behind every facet of Wembley, enhancing business events at Wembley Stadium.
  • Unparalleled Corporate Hospitality:
    Thanks to AWD’s bespoke event management, your corporate aspirations get the perfect platform at Wembley. From heart-thumping concerts to exhilarating sporting showdowns, experience it all with our VIP hospitality. Indulge in the luxury of private boxes that are yours to customise, offering breathtaking vistas and impeccable service – truly an embodiment of corporate hospitality at Wembley Stadium.
  • Behind the Scenes at the UK’s Sports Colossus:
    Embark on a guided tour of Wembley with AWD’s expert event planners at Wembley Stadium. Spanning 75 minutes, delve into exclusive areas like the press room and player’s tunnel. Immerse yourself in the lore and secrets that make Wembley the nation’s premier sports arena.


How does AWD enhance the conference facilities at Wembley Stadium for businesses?
AWD works closely with Wembley’s in-house teams to optimise and personalise conference spaces, ensuring state-of-the-art AV facilities, bespoke seating arrangements, and catering that resonates with your business ethos.

Can AWD organise multi-day business events at Wembley Stadium?
Certainly! Wembley is equipped to handle events spanning multiple days. With AWD’s meticulous planning, rest assured that each day will be uniquely crafted to meet your business objectives.

What sets AWD’s corporate hospitality at Wembley Stadium apart?
Our unyielding commitment to excellence! From private box customisations to curating unique experiences within the stadium, AWD ensures that your corporate event is not just memorable but also seamlessly executed.

As event planners for Wembley Stadium, can AWD organise interactive sessions with sports personalities?
Indeed, we have a wide network and can facilitate interactions with sporting legends for an unforgettable addition to your event, subject to availability.

Can we integrate product launches or exhibitions into our business event at Wembley Stadium?
Absolutely! Wembley offers versatile spaces apt for product showcases, launches, and exhibitions. With AWD’s expertise, these can be seamlessly woven into your event for maximum impact.


Celebrate Business Excellence at Wembley Stadium.

From conferences to corporate hospitality, Wembley Stadium offers a backdrop of prestige and grandiosity, unparalleled in the UK.

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