The Shard in London: The Pinnacle of Business Events and Venue Hire

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Elevate Your Corporate Engagements at The Shard

The Shard, dominating London’s skyline, is not only a testament to architectural brilliance but also the embodiment of unparalleled venue hire for corporate events. Situated at the heart of the capital, The Shard seamlessly blends luxury, prestige, and functionality, ensuring every corporate occasion is monumental.

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Exclusive Business Events at The Shard with AWD

  • From Vintage to Vanguard:
    Dive deep into the evolution of The Shard, transitioning from a 1970s office block to a global icon. Just steps away from the iconic London Bridge, it serves as a pulsating epicentre for both business and culture. AWD crafts unique experiences within this majestic structure, from upscale diners with sweeping city views to engaging business luncheons.
  • Epicurean Adventures Above London:
    The Shard is renowned for its myriad of exquisite restaurants and bars, each exuding a distinct ambiance. Be it team bonding sessions, incentive drives, or grand milestones, The Shard venue hire ensures an environment of sheer opulence and elegance for all your business events.
  • Luxurious Corporate Retreats at The Shard:
    Imagine whisking your team away for a weekend retreat right at The Shard. A symphony of luxury and relaxation, it’s the perfect venue to re energise, fostering a sense of appreciation and unity. Every moment at The Shard, as facilitated by AWD, is geared towards rejuvenation and motivation.


How can AWD streamline our business event experience with The Shard venue hire?
AWD is adept at personalising corporate experiences at The Shard. Whether it’s choosing the right restaurant, arranging an exclusive tour, or setting up an impactful business seminar, we ensure your event embodies excellence and alignment with your brand.

What capacities do The Shard venue hire spaces offer for business events?
The Shard encompasses a versatile array of venues, apt for both intimate brainstorming sessions and expansive corporate galas. Share your vision with AWD, and we’ll direct you to the perfect space.

Is in-house catering provided for business events at The Shard?
Absolutely! The Shard is a culinary hotspot, featuring some of London’s top restaurants. Your guests will be treated to a gourmet culinary journey tailored to your event’s nuances.

Are there specific parking arrangements for corporate guests at The Shard?
While The Shard has limited on-site parking, its prime location ensures easy accessibility via various transport links. Nearby parking solutions are abundant, and AWD can also curate transportation arrangements for your attendees.

Can our business event at The Shard include a guided architectural tour?
Certainly! Integrating a tour of The Shard can elevate the experience for your attendees. AWD is at your service to organise captivating guided tours, giving a deeper dive into this architectural gem.


Dive into a realm of luxury, sophistication, and functionality in London’s iconic structure.

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