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Team-building trips can help to enhance the skills and productivity of your staff. By getting your employees to take part in group activities or events, you can help to break down communication barriers and encourage them to get to know one another even further.

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We’ve got plenty of experience when it comes to team-building trips and can plan and host a wide range of events and activities expertly tailored around your team and business. We’ll make sure everything fits within your budget, your team’s interests and any other preferences you may have before creating an exciting programme that you will all enjoy.

Extreme Team Building Events

We can plan many different team-building exercises – including extreme sports. Previously, we worked with a leading car retailer group who wanted to reward their general managers but also improve their abilities to work together socially and professionally. As with many retailers, employees are often encouraged to work competitively to make more sales and hit their targets fast. However, it is important that employees can have a friendly and relaxed working relationship too.

We devised a cost-effective programme that had their team of managers travel to Geneva, pre-Alps. Attendees were told very little except to dress casually and prepare for the outdoors. After eating lunch in the mountains, the team were briefed on their first day of activities. Throughout the day, wearing all of the appropriate safety gear they climbed up a canyon and abseiled 300m down through a waterfall. They then jumped the remaining 20ft into a pool, relying on just the support and motivation from their fellow team members.

Various other activities such as river walking and rock crawling took place. When the day was over, they were greeted with crates of beer to celebrate their achievements. This was before heading back to their chalet. The following day had the team zip lining across a lake to be met with four dismantled rafts. These needed to be built in order to paddle back to the other side. The team bonded over the three hours of raft-building and learnt crucial skills. This allowed them to work through the challenges presented to them. The two-day programme was a huge success for the car retailer group. This is just one of many different programmes that we can devise for your team.

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