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Unique Event Experiences

Throughout the year, it is important to recognise and reward the efforts of those who help you. At AWD we can organise incentive and exclusive event experiences, for employees, customers, friends and even family. The experience helps to show your gratefulness of their efforts.

Greater Job Satisfaction & Work Enjoyment

There are many benefits to investing unique company events. One benefit of rewarding employees is greater job satisfaction and work enjoyment. With this in mind, it will result in more time been spent focusing on their job. As a result, time is utilised to a better extent. A benefit of rewarding customers is increased loyalty. Loyalty is trust and, therefore, if you treat customers well, their loyalty may increase. Therefore, trust in your business will be high.

Finally, it’s important not to forget the friends and family who may work for nothing in return, to aid you in achieving success. By rewarding the individuals who help you the most, they will feel more valued. In turn, they will have reduced effects of absenteeism and stress.

A Complete Range Of Unique Event Experiences.

From shopping with the girls, to reaching the edge of space, our range of corporate experiences ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Take a trip to the stunning Ferme du Lac Vert; A Savoyard Farmhouse located in the heart of Montriond, France. Here, you can enjoy the spectacular views, as well as visiting the much-loved ski resorts. The traditional style chalet is equipped with luxurious amenities to add an extra touch of opulence to your stay. As well as to ensure you have everything you need.

Once In A Lifetime Trips

Another experience we offer is a once in a lifetime trip to the edge of space. Travel to heights of over 66,000 feet and see the phenomenal curvature of the earth. As well as the blue glowing line of the atmosphere. If traveling isn’t your cup of tea why not opt for a stress free shopping day in London? All complete with your own chauffeur to get you to and from your destinations.