Virtual Events For Business | Rewarding Your Team During Covid-19

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Every single business, organisation and individual has taken a hit from Covid-19. Whether that means redundancy, a lack of funding or mental health struggles. We have all been affected by the global pandemic. If your business has been fortunate during this tough time, it’s more important than ever to identify the reason behind its functioning.

Without your team making your visions and company goals come to life, your business might not have survived the current recession that the economy is facing right now. Because of this, you must show your appreciation to those who have supported you. How? This article is going to give you several fun, exciting and effective ideas for when rewarding your team. For example, virtual events for businesses are a fantastic way that you can show gratitude and appreciation to your team. Here at AWD, we have the skills, technology, and expertise to organise you virtual corporate entertainment like no other.

Charity Donations

Now that you’ve recognised your team’s hard work, it’s time to think about how you can return the favour for their efforts. Charity donations are a great way to give back to your employees and their local communities. Each individual will likely have a charity that’s close to their heart, and so giving them the opportunity to choose which charity you’ll donate to will make this kind gesture even greater. 

Provide Opportunity

One of the best ways to reward your employees is through offering them development opportunities. If you feel a member of your team is working exceptionally hard and delivering you results, praise them and don’t let it go unnoticed by allowing them to learn new skills, new areas of the business or even by giving them a promotion if well deserved. 

Food For Thought

One thing is for sure, food is always a good idea. While nobody can visit their favourite restaurants, offering your employees a complimentary lunch will put a smile on a lot of faces. Restaurants need extra support during this pandemic, and so offering your team a meal from local businesses that deliver is a win, win. 

Time Is Key

Although your business is at the forefront of your priorities, you have to remember that your employees could also have other responsibilities that are being affected by the current climate. A great way to show your appreciation to your team would be to give them flexibility within their working hours. 

If they have children that they need to homeschool during the lockdown or someone to take care of while isolating, they will appreciate your understanding more than anything else. 

Virtual Events for Business

We have expertise in virtual events for business. While virtuality has taken the stage over the past year, it’s for good reason too. There are several virtual event ideas on the horizon, but if the primary purpose of your event is to reward your team, it’s all about team building and entertainment. The best virtual events are the ones packed full of interaction, fun and excitement. 

There are many types of virtual events that we can organise for you and your team. We can deliver you with a virtual events platform that allows you to sit back and enjoy with your employees. Through sourcing the latest technology, recreating the exciting elements of live events and making sure that it all runs smoothly throughout, your team will be rewarded in the best possible way.

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