Corporate Event Services At AWD: Our Process & Top Planning Tips

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AWD is a leading corporate event planning company based in the West Midlands but serving nationwide. When it comes to planning and launching events, it’s safe to say that we’ve got our fair share of corporate event planning tips to help streamline the process from start to finish.

Our expertise in event management is something that has built over the past twenty years. As a result of this experience, we have established ourselves an unbeatable reputation for seamless and successful corporate event services. From executive team building trips through to client relationship development programmes, we can tailor your corporate event around exactly what you’re looking to achieve.

As a family-run company specialising in corporate events in the West Midlands, we’ve learnt plenty of tips and tricks along the way to enhance the success of events and achieve maximum results. Read our blog to find out some of our top corporate event planning tips.

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Establish the Goals and Objectives of Your Event

Every event has a purpose – whether it’s to commemorate an occasion, motivate your employees, improve team building skills, or nurture the relationship between you and a client. Either way, the first thing you should do when planning a corporate event is to work out exactly what you would like to achieve from the event.


Objectives serve as reference points when making a decision about your event. Essentially, you’ll put the goals/objectives at the very core of your plan, and build your event around them. From the venue itself through to the event agenda, every aspect of the event will need to be suitable for the objectives. For example, if you’re looking to treat your clients to a relaxing trip away to show them you value their support, it’s unlikely that you’ll be taking them on an action-packed trip. Instead, a calming hotel break away with a luxury dining experience would be considered more suitable.

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Set Your Budget

Needless to say, a budget is pivotal in event planning – especially if you’re planning an event on behalf of a company who will be fronting the cost. Be mindful of hidden costs, cancellation fees, deposits, and any additional fee incurs that are often overlooked during the planning process. We’d suggest increasing your budget by at least 10% to account for unexpected fees.

At AWD, our corporate event planning team are experts in budget management which we know relieves a lot of stress from our clients who are planning their events. We’ll establish budgets very early on in the process to ensure we can eliminate any ideas that we know aren’t suitable for the budget, and source as many exciting options that fit perfectly to your budget.

Marketing Your Event

The buildup to an event is often just as exciting as the big day itself. Be sure to market your event to keep your attendees interested and excited during the countdown. From reminder emails through to teaser gifts, it’s important to keep your event fresh in people’s minds and embrace the build up just as much as you will on the day of your event.

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