Scottish Luxury Corporate Incentive Trip: Stay In Style On Fingal

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Luxury corporate incentive travel trips is something that we are proud to specialise in here at AWD. We are one of the country’s leading corporate event organisers. Moreover, we focus our expertise around planning and executing unforgettable events and trips for companies and their clients and employees.

We take pride in being able to strategically align events with your company values. Whether you’re looking to motivate employees, reward them, recognise achievements or strengthen the team, you can count on us. We can curate a corporate experience that just keeps on giving.

Scottish Corporate Trips 

A luxury corporate incentive trip can generate high levels of staff engagement and motivation if executed effectively. We have carefully designed unique Scottish experiences that has proved popular with both small and large businesses looking to reward their employees.

The beautiful city of Edinburgh is home to stunning architecture, historical cobbled streets, and a breathtaking castle. Rich in culture and charming spots to eat, drink, and explore, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh is the perfect location for a luxury corporate incentive trip.

Incentive Trips: Fingal 

It goes without saying that Fingal is one of the UK’s most unique destinations to stay. The luxury hotel permanently floats on the vibrant water-form of Leith port which is in the northern part of Edinburgh. Effortlessly blending the city’s historic elegance with modern-day luxury, a stay on Fingal is bound to please your guests.

Stepping aboard Fingal is a memorable experience in itself. Also, guests will be able to relish in the beauty that its art deco interiors and shimmering ceilings hold. The immense deck spaces seem endless and guests are reminded at every turn that this stay is no ordinary one. This one-of-a-kind boutique hotel offers a number of exciting opportunities during your guests’ stay such as:

  • Stargazing
  • Champagne afternoon tea
  • Historical tours to learn about the ship’s rich heritage
  • Fine dining experiences in The Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar

Extraordinary Itineraries   

The incentive trip doesn’t stop at relaxing in the refined world-class hotel Fingal. Also included in the Fingal package is a personal guided tour aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia herself. Following a short transfer from Fingal to yet another magnificent beauty, your guests will have a personally guide through the historic ship. Additionally, gaining unique insights into the history of this famous Royal Yacht.

During your corporate trip away, your guests will also be able to visit the wonder that is Edinburgh Castle. Treating them to the ultimate VIP experience, guests will be able to explore the castle before dining together for a private lunch or dinner – depending on your chosen time. Once they have eaten, your group can enjoy and participate in the traditional Ceilidh social event. With the opportunity to play music, dance, tell stories and socialise with each other. This event is the perfect way to encourage your guests to truly switch off and reflect on their getaway.

We can specially tailor all of our packages to your company’s requirements. Consequently, you can be rest assured that our expert event organisers will go above and beyond to deliver a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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