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Event management can be little tricky at the best of times, especially when you are trying to plan a business conference. Luckily, the team at AWD is highly experienced when it comes to corporate event planning services.

We have over twenty-five years of experience under our belts when it comes to conference management. As a result, AWD has some fantastic working relationships with large hotel groups and specialist hotels up and down the country. That means that when the government gives us the go-ahead, we have got you access to a wide range of luxury hotel conference spaces – and at competitive prices too.

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Representing Your Company The Right Way

When it comes to event and conference management, there are many different aspects to consider if you want to make the event a success. Conferences can offer businesses all sorts of advantages if done correctly. In fact, they help you to showcase your company and everything it is all about. Additionally, they are a great way to network with other industry professionals or potential clients.

Furthermore, helping you build brand recognition, demonstrate your affiliations and enhance the marketing of your business. Here at AWD, we are experts in planning corporate events. So we’ve put together some top tips which you can use to help make your conference a success.

1. Choose An Exciting Event Location

To make your conference sound enticing from the very start, you need a good venue. Obviously the location needs to be convenient and easily accessible. However, the more interesting the venue, the more excited your attendees will be in the build-up to the big day.

Here at AWD, as part of our conference event planning services, we can help you seek the perfect venue to hold your event – guaranteed to leave a good and long-lasting first impression of your business.

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2. Provide Your Guests With Clear Agenda For The Conference

Poorly executed business conferences can fast become boring and disengaging for attendees. To ensure that the day runs smoothly, make sure you have a clear scheduled agenda for the day.

Once your own plan is in place, you can hand out this schedule to your guests. Then, you know they are in the loop and can plan their day around the schedule. By informing your guests about the day in advance, you are giving them plenty of time to plan. That means they can arrange transport, accommodation, and any other aspects they need to consider sorting before attending the event.

With our event and conference management services, we will help you plan the agenda for the day. We will schedule in breaks, entertainment, refreshments, meals, and any other things you would like to include in the conference day.

3. Relax As Much As Possible

Conference presentations are just as important for the business and yourself, as much as they are for the guests. As stressful as planning a presentation can be, it is important to try and relax for the day itself. After all, a stressed host is never going to work well in these types of environments.

As leading experts in planning corporate events, we can take the stress away with our conference planning service. We’ll support you with every important aspect of planning a conference from the venue through to the lunches, and by ensuring all of this is taken care of, you can focus on planning the content itself. We can also offer you our own expert advice for the big day, covering all sorts of aspects from what you are going to wear, through to how to make the environment as comfortable as it can be for the speaker.

By choosing AWD to help with your conference, you can guarantee you’ll host a presentation in the perfect way to represent your business.

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