Planning Your Corporate New Year’s Eve Event

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There are many people perhaps starting to consider Christmas present ideas. However, here at AWD, we’re thinking past the 25th of Dec. In fact, as one of the leading event management companies in Birmingham, we’re already getting the ball rolling for corporate New Year’s Eve events. The 31st of December seems (and is) months away. Nonetheless, the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, especially if you are in charge of organising your company’s New Year’s Eve event. If this is the case, you’re right to be getting on with the planning, and our corporate event organisers can help.

New Year’s Eve is the last opportunity in the year to celebrate together. At the best of times, people enjoy welcoming the forthcoming year in and celebrating in style. With this in mind, the pressure is on to create an evening of festivities that no one wants to forget!

At AWD, we’re proud to be one of the country’s leading corporate event organisers. With plenty of experience under our belts, we can help you host the perfect New Year’s Eve event for your company this December. Read our top tips below to help you get started on the planning.

It’s All In The Preparations 

They say good things come to those who wait. However, in the case of event planning, getting ahead of the game is where the success lies. There are a few different aspects of the event that could do with being sorted well in advance, such as:


New Year’s Eve is one of the riskiest nights to rely on public transport for.  Therefore, be sure that your guests have their transport booked and confirmed as soon as possible. Whether it’s taxi sharing, or arranging coaches, by making sure your guests have their travel arrangements sorted beforehand, you can minimise the risk of no-showers on the day.

Food and Drink

Be sure to stock up on all of the pre-Christmas food and drink offers in supermarkets if you are planning on arranging the food in-house. If you’re opting to out-source the catering for your corporate New Years Eve event you can still save money. Be sure to look for any early bird offers before the peak season to save some money and keep you within budget.

Midnight Countdown Prep

It might be an obvious tip, but when it comes to the big night, be sure to set an alarm at 11:30pm. This will ensure you can start the preparations for the midnight countdown. If you choose to host your event with AWD corporate event organisers, our team will ensure your guests are all equipped with everything they need. As one of the most experienced event management companies in Birmingham, you can be sure your guests will be given all the right props to see in the new year, from filled champagne glasses to sparklers.


If your company has lots of employees, it’s safe to say there will be a variety of music tastes. To make sure there’s something for everyone at your event, encourage your guests to submit a song request in advance. This will allow you to create a playlist of songs that you know your guests will enjoy. If you’re hiring a DJ, collate the suggestions together and ask your DJ to incorporate them into their plan for the night!

Event Management Companies in Birmingham

There are many other important event aspects to consider when you get planning your New Year’s Eve event. But, whether it’s the decor, the food, the dress code, or the guest list itself, here at AWD, we can take the stress off your shoulders. Our event planning service guarantees you an unforgettable event that represents everything your company stands for.

If you would like support in creating your New Year’s Eve event by one of the best event management companies in Birmingham, then get in touch with us today. Head to our website for more information, or call 0333 355 6947 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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