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Here at AWD, we combine our knowledgeable teams of qualified travel consultants with the latest in online booking technology and travel content to make travel management easy. Whether you are a small or large business, AWD is here to help you with all your travel management needs. Hundreds of corporations are using AWD to manage their travel programmes/Event organisation, saving time and money.

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Event Organisation | Make An International Impact

AWD travel management will cover everything you may need whilst travel including booking your flights, transport and accommodation. With over 488 million business trips to the United States a year, it’s becoming even more important to ensure your business has an impact internationally as well as nationally.

Our business travel management specialists work closely with you to create a sustainable and flexible travel service.


Get The Maximum Experience

Some of our travel management services include air travel, accommodation, door to door transfers and group conference and events travel. We adapt our services to each and every client’s needs. Therefore we ensure you always feel safe and comfortable at whatever stage of your journey and get the maximum experience out of your travel experience. Our flight services range from short domestic flights to overnight international flights and include all classes of seating and services. Business-class provides a convertible seat to bend to allow a more relaxed sleeping experience, especially on long journeys. Also when you arrive at your destination we ensure you can then focus on the business you flew for instead of trying to organise and plan cars and rentals as that will be done for you.


Event Organisation | Travel Management Company UK

At AWD we also take your safety very seriously. We make sure we plan all of the services you require to the highest degree of care and awareness.

When it comes to corporate travel management companies working with us, we only work with trusted companies who we know can provide you with the safety and security you need whilst travelling. Our travel management skills will shape your trip overseas.

So if you are looking for UK travel management company or event organisation, contact our team at AWD Group today. We are happy to help.

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