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At AWD, as leading corporate team building event company, we’ll always put the ground work in to make sure to offer you and your team fun exercises and jam-packed group bonding event. With our wide range of indoor and outdoor team building activitieswe pride ourselves in ensuring that your group – no matter how big or small – will have an unforgettable experience.


Team Building Activities For Small Groups

Did you know that we don’t just create team building experiences for large corporate groups? Rest assured that we can confidently cater for smaller groups too. We guarantee that our indoor team building activities will provide the perfect platform to develop good team relationships. Reward and engage your team through our smaller  group activities, whether its chocolate or cocktail making, or even a retro games night. We’ll happily put together an exciting team building package that can be hosted indoors within an enjoyable, friendly and fun setting.


The Benefits Of Team Building In Small Groups

Team building for smaller groups allows the opportunity for a more friendly, and comfortable environment, to host our indoor activities. Smaller group team building events can often feel less overwhelming than large group events. When there is a large amount of people taking part, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming for employees who lack confidence. Smaller groups can often put employees at ease with one another much faster. They can also enable employees to flourish and stand out for the right reasons.

Another advantage is that corporate team building exercises within smaller groups tend to be less threatening and more intimate, so they often enhance a feeling of connection within the group. This means, each team member is much more likely to be aware of their direct part they have played in the overall success of the group activities. Team building with smaller groups means that no one is going to be overshadowed. Additionally, everyone has the chance to find their own individual role within the group. 


What Can Your Workforce Gain From Team Building?

Research suggests that corporate team building exercises help produce a framework that enable teams to work together. They help to build trust, encourage collaboration, and reduce conflict within the working environment. So, what better way to reduce everyday work stress, boost relationships, and increase confidence within your workforce? Here at AWD Group, we’ll put together a specially designed, bespoke team building package that caters perfectly to you, and your employees. 


What Can Employers Gain From Team Building?

Corporate team building exercises can not only help your team, but you as a manager can reap the benefits too. Activities outside of the office have been shown to improve productivity, increase motivation and encourage creativity within the workplace. With this in mind, you can directly benefit from an indoor team building event too. You’ll also be able to get a good idea of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you have determined these, you can create strategies that help to develop and enhance the skills of your team members. As a result, this leads to an even better working environment. 


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