Small Business Team Building | 3 Techniques That Really Work 

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Here at AWD Group as leading experts in small business team building, we are 100% focused on our clients needs. Our sole objective is to ensure that your requirements are met. We have outstanding feedback from all our clients because we tailor our business team building activities to suit your company goals. This, therefore, improves employee engagement and teaches effective workplace communication along the way. 


The Key To Small Business Team Building

Small business team building activities are certainly worth looking into, but where do you start? Having a unified team is crucial for any small business, but building one isn’t always easy. Simply putting a group of people together in a room and hoping for the best is not “team building”. It takes specific actions that are aligned with your business to allow employees to come together, and work as a team. 


Team building is often viewed as forced fun and can actually be counterproductive if it’s not done correctly. As a result, this can leave employees feeling frustrated. At AWD Group our small business team building is enjoyable and effective. We can help you come up with creative employee team building activities, that will help your business really come together as one. 


1. Get Active

Physical activities are a great way to get those happy endorphins moving. They’re also a great way for your team to enjoy some downtime, while also building rapport in a more natural environment. Keep it casual and fun, focused on group participation rather than too much competition. Activities such as walking, biking, canoeing and group sports are active and encourage participation, without being overly competitive.


Be sensitive to physical or conscious limitations that might keep some of your employees from wanting to, or being able to, participate. A team-building exercise that excludes people is missing the point. A solution to this is offering an anonymous poll to your employees, give them a choice of team building activities that include both high and low impact options. Another possibility is to attend a sporting event. The key is that everyone has fun and interacts in an organic and relaxed environment. 


2. Learn Something Useful

People are very busy so in order for team building for adults to work. They need to feel that their time isn’t being wasted. Team building is a great way to tie in events or training opportunities that are beneficial on their own. It ensures employees feel like they have gained knowledge, built on their skills or learned new skills while bonding with each other.


A great way to do this is by seeking out things that are related to your field of work. That way, your team can learn more about your products, services, customers, or industry. For example, restaurant staff could visit a local winery; this is both fun and educational. Other possibilities include business or industry conferences that encourage professional development. 


3. Share Meals

Chatting over food is one of the most natural things in the world. It is also a very effective way to form bonds, and strengthen relationships. Having a conversation over lunch is something a lot of employees do anyway, so extending it to a nice dinner or evening away is a great idea that most people will feel comfortable with. You can also encourage something as simple as a shared lunch once a month, just to get people engaging with each other. 


For a successful team that works effectively together, good communication and rapport are essential. The best way to encourage that, and to build on it, is with activities that do not focus directly on doing so. These kinds of activities are what people label as “forced fun”. Instead, a more organic approach can be more effective. Activities that are enjoyable and valuable will always serve up the best results. 


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