Staff Incentives | The Importance of Rewarding for Outstanding Levels of Work

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With an ongoing pandemic that has had to be contended with,  it is more important than ever to show your staff the appreciation they deserve. From having to adjust to remote working and all the communication issues that can come with it, to worries about job security and process changes, the past 12 months have undoubtedly been hard for many employees around the country.

No matter what type of business you are managing, staff incentives should be something you invest in. A reward can be defined as something that is given to someone in recognition of their service, efforts, or skill. As humans, our behaviour can be shaped by rewards due to the positive effect they have on the reward system within our brains. This, therefore, means with an employee reward scheme, we can encourage high levels of work from employees. This can benefit your business in many ways.


Increase Employee Happiness

One reason to reward a team or an individual is so you can increase employee happiness. If an employee is happy in their workplace, they will be more motivated to complete tasks. Therefore, they are likely to perform at a higher standard. It is widely known that engaged staff are significantly more productive, so if their efforts are likely to be rewarded then it will make sense the employee will work harder in order to achieve the reward. Rewards can also make an employee feel more appreciated and in turn, feel a sense of belonging in their workplace. This will encourage them to take pride in their work as they will realise their efforts are not going unrecognised.


The Importance Of Staff Incentives

Another reason to invest in staff incentives is retention. If staff are demotivated due to their efforts going unnoticed, they may seek work elsewhere. A high staff turnover can lead to low morale within the workplace, which may then lead to other employee’s productivity decreasing. If staff regularly feel unproductive and unappreciated, it may even cause them to leave the company altogether. Staff incentives can help retain staff retention and therefore save you costs in the long run. Additionally, your employees spreading the word about the incentives can shine a truly positive light on your company. Here at AWD Group, we have a wide range of employee incentive ideas for small businesses and large businesses. We’ll help you create the perfect staff motivation package, guaranteed to keep your employees happy and motivated.


Increase Loyalty

Rewarding individuals is also a great way to increase loyalty from an employee. An engaged employee will be able to promote your company much better than someone who does not care about it. This can then lead to your business being more successful, as there will be an increased amount of people talking highly of it due to the emotional bond they will develop with your organisation.


Monitor Employee Performance

Finally, by hosting staff incentives, you can monitor your employee’s performance better, and use it as a factor when making decisions. For instance, if an employee has earned valued rewards and is working efficiently, you may want to use this data when deciding whether or not to promote them to a higher position in the business. Likewise, if an employee isn’t getting many rewards you may review they are not being as productive as you would like them to be. Therefore, you can discuss this with them in order to get back on track. Rewards can also reduce negative effects a business may face, such as absenteeism. Rewards are like an extra goal for employees to aim for. By awarding them, it creates your business a team of motivated and hardworking staff.

Reconnect Your Team Post-Lockdown

A lot of your employees will have not worked in the office for a while, and heading back in and getting used to sharing office space again can be overwhelming. Staff incentives can be a great way to encourage some healthy competition in the office, enhance team-building skills, and break down communication barriers that may have been lost as a result of not physically working together for a while.

To conclude, an employee reward scheme can help you retain valuable employees as well as increase motivation and productivity which will all contribute to leading your business to success. With this in mind, it is crucial to invest in employee rewards that motivate your staff.

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