Why Should You Consider Hosting A Hybrid Event?

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Hybrid events are the best way to bridge the gap between virtual and real life experiences. They have been happening for a few years now. However, with the ongoing pandemic and the gradual easing of restrictions, they are becoming the easiest and most effective way of accommodating everyone. Those who can and can’t physically make the event. They are perfect for networking, team building, conferencing and more. When done right, they can truly enhance the experience for both types of attendees. Here at AWD, as one of the country’s leading event organisers, we are proud to be able to offer hybrid event packages to businesses all over the country. Here are some of the key benefits of hosting a hybrid event:

Increased Attendance

Although hosting a hybrid event could be seen as splitting your total attendance, in fact it’s the opposite. Hybrid events allow you to reach out to more people and gain more attendees, due to providing more flexibility when it comes to attending. Whether it’s due to travel restrictions or time constraints, everyone has the option to attend, even if they can’t in person. With a hybrid event, you have a much wider reach. You can broadcast your event to a much larger audience, who may not have been able to attend if the virtual option wasn’t available.

Higher Engagement

A virtual element to the live event creates more engaging opportunities than there would be if the event was completely live. Virtual audiences are actively participating through their devices. They are giving much more scope to talk, share, comment, and interact with the activities and fellow attendees. From polls to Q&A sessions, networking opportunities have never been more present than with a hybrid event.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Over the course of the past year or so, we have already seen the impact reduced travel has had on the environment. Getting back into the office and having face-to-face interaction again is important. However, taking the hybrid route is a great way to keep carbon footprints low. People can still enjoy the event, and your company can also reap the benefits. But with a virtual option too, you can help reduce travel and carbon emissions. With a reduced in-person headcount, there is less need for single-use catering accessories, such as plastic cups and plates.

Valuable Data

Hosting a hybrid event can provide you with plenty of data and insights. This can make your next event and its content bigger and better. With live events, measuring the success can be a little tricky. You mainly have to rely on people’s feedback and a head count. However, hosting a hybrid event allows you to see the numbers of participants, their engagement, and when they left the session. This type of data gathering allows you to see exactly what did and didn’t work – helping you to improve your future events.

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