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Conferences are incredibly important when it comes to networking and growing as a company. They provide a fantastic platform to present your ideas on and are a great way to help you and your employees develop your knowledge and understanding of the business. AWD is a leading conference event management company. With this in mind, we can make your conference stand out from the rest. As the world slowly returns to some form of normality, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on every business in one way or another. But as businesses begin to get back up and running, conferencing is one way to get your clients and customers back on board. At AWD, we can provide you with a perfect platform that enables you to successfully network. It is important now more than ever, to show people what your business is about. 


Business Conferences – Differing From The Rest

As experienced conference organisers, here at AWD we guarantee to organise a conference that is engaging and exciting from start to finish. Sometimes corporate events such as conferences don’t sound very exciting to attend. However, it’s our job to change this outlook. By making sure your event is as original as it can be, you can make sure that your ideas stay at the very forefront of people’s minds. We’ll help to organise refreshments, transport, and anything else necessary for corporate events. So that you can focus on the content to make your conference one-of-a-kind.


Welcoming Visitors To Your Conference The Right Way

In order for a conference to be successful, your attendees need to be arriving with a positive and open mindset. The idea of attending a conference can sometimes trigger the opposite to this. That’s why with our conference event management service, we go the extra mile. In fact, we think a major part of the conference is the lead-up. So, when we are organising a conference, we also take special care in getting the attendees excited for the big day. 


Conferences Post-Lockdown

The events industry (like many other industries) has been impacted a lot from the pandemic. However, here at AWD we are lucky enough to boast some fantastic relationships with many hotels and large hotel groups up and down the country. Many of these have fantastic conference rooms too. That means you can host your entire event from start to finish, all under one roof. You’ll also be able to benefit from the professional catering aspect. Hosting in a hotel ensures a hassle-free and smooth experience when it comes to planning and executing the conference. Knowing that everything else is being taken care of too, means you can focus on the content aspect of the day. Such as planning speeches, attendees, and corporate entertainment. With our longstanding relationships, we can offer you competitive prices and flexible hotel conference packages. We will expertly tailor the package to suit your business needs – and we will always make sure that everything fits within your budget and goals. 


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