Why Investing In Creative Corporate Event Ideas Is The Best Decision You’ll Make

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We don’t mind admitting that corporate events can sometimes have a bad reputation. In most offices when someone says, “we’re going to do some team building” or “we have a conference coming up!” employees can’t get their excuses out quick enough. Despite its less than cool reputation, team building and corporate events are the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds relationships and trust, alleviates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Successful corporate events and creative corporate event ideas can lead to your employees being more engaged. In turn this enhances company culture and more importantly, boosts your bottom line. If done right, corporate events can be unforgettable experiences that your employees will treasure forever.

At AWD Group we like to think we’ve created a great place to work and corporate events are a big part of that. So how do you host a successful conference or a memorable team building experience? Here are a few basic rules to follow when planning an event for your people.


Don’t Over Do It With The Corporate Stuff

The most successful, memorable corporate events are the ones that don’t feel like just another day at the office. Activities that are too obviously focused on corporate teaching are less powerful. Creative corporate event ideas that involve spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a mutual goal are far more effective. They also allow bonding to happen more organically. Finding unusual conference venues for example, will go a long way towards the success of the day.


Discover Creative Corporate Event Ideas

From our twenty years in events we’ve learnt that happiness and learning are actually very closely linked. People like to try new things, especially with other people there to encourage them and egg them on. So we fully encourage creative corporate event ideas. Trying new things together puts everyone in the same boat. There’s no one pulling rank and your people can simply relax and enjoy the experience. This organic bonding is far more beneficial to your business than any forced fun.


Don’t See It As An Expense, See It As An Investment

Yes, paying for your entire team to have dinner at the Shard may seem a little indulgent. Especially if you’re a growing company and money is tight. However, the gratitude and appreciation from the team and is a completely worthwhile investment. A loyal and happy team will always perform better. Plus, it’s an unforgettable experience for everyone. We’re not saying you have to break the bank, but it’s not a time to skimp either. People are what make the business and that alone makes them worth the money. Here at AWD event management company we have all kinds of creative corporate ideas to match all budgets, big or small so don’t be put off by the idea of big outlay.


Maintain The Energy When You Return To The Office

Don’t let the energy from the event burn out as soon as you’re back in the office. Find ways to keep the excitement going and keep the lines of communication open. Try to create opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways, outside of regular meetings or presentations so they don’t lose the relationships they built.


Finally, how do you know if your corporate event was a success? The answer is simple; did your employees have a good time? If there was laughter, a sense of excitement and accomplishment, and lots of photos being taken then you’re probably doing something right.


AWD Event Management Company has over 20 years experience so we can help with all your event needs no matter what your budget. We will make sure your corporate event is tailored to your business and your people. Contact us today on 0333 355 6947 and speak to one of our expert event organisers about creative corporate event ideas for your business.

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