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AWD is a leading event organising company based in the UK for businesses and corporations nationwide. As expert event managers, we can help you put together a bespoke events package that can reward your team and enhance client relationship development.


Event Organisers With A Difference  – Why Use Us?

You can take advantage of our event organiser services from wherever you are in the country. When you’re running a business, it’s important to recognise and reward the achievements and efforts that your team make. By rewarding your employees, you can help to improve their motivation and job satisfaction, and also show them that they are valued within your company.


Motorbiking Through The Wild West

At AWD, we work with all sorts of businesses from a wide range of industries including retailers. One of our successful unique events packages we have done in the past was for a leading retailer group. They were looking to enhance their client relationships and give their employees an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, the company wanted an experience for their employees, that would motivate the networks of people involved in the business. As well as, increase their passion and enjoyment within the company.

We tailored a special package that was very relevant to the client’s business itself. But, also incorporated the exciting interests that the team had too. We flew several members over to Las Vegas and then Tucson. With the team equipped with a motorbike (that would be theirs for the duration of the trip) we took them through the Wild West on their bikes. Riding on extremely challenging dirt roads and then staying in comfortable hotels and Indian reservations for the nights.

Additionally, we road through the famous Death Valley, dealing with extreme temperatures and conditions. As well as, taking in the amazing landscapes and sights that the Wild West had to offer. Touring Arizona, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico was a great bonding experience for everyone. It also allowed everyone to network with each other. They were finding common grounds no matter how much or how little experience they had with motorbiking. Events like these help to considerably enhance client relationships. In addition, they allow a much smoother form of networking to take place – often leading to better results in the future.

Unique Events For Employees

From motorbiking through America to a Girls’ shopping trip in New York, here at AWD, our range of luxurious and unique event experiences means that there is something for absolutely everyone. We cater to a wide scope of budgets, durations and interests and we’ll gather plenty of information about your team and what you are looking to achieve before we create the experience. We can create different ways to reveal the surprise to your team too – whether it’s a complete surprise announcement after a long and hardworking peak period or an enticing build-up of hints before an exciting revelation.


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