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When it comes to corporate events, you should consider one of the UK’s many events management companies to help you create something unique. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, corporate events are crucial now more than ever. In fact, they are a vital aspect of many enterprises’ business strategies. It’s about delivering high-end creative events that deliver on the objective.


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Working with a full-service event management agency like AWD can take your event strategy to the next level. Overcoming the hurdles of event management in a competitive market requires a holistic understanding of the overarching value of events. It also requires experience and resources to manage the many creative, innovative and logistical aspects. This is where working with a UK  events management company such as AWD can take your event strategy to the next level. So just how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your relationship with an events management company?


Step 1: Choosing The Right Agency

There are so many corporate events companies out there, but the success of your event hinges on choosing the right event management company for your business. The right agency will be more than just another supplier. It can be an extension of your team; a strategic partner sharing your objectives. Given the potential depth of the relationship, an authentic connection is essential. And with the need to ensure a return on investment, it’s important you choose the right event management company from the start.


Having complete trust in an agency isn’t always easy, but this trust is integral to the success of your working relationship. To gain confidence in a company before working with them, consider the following:



You will be able to learn a company’s credibility through their existing work as event organisers. Have a look at the agency’s experience in the marketplace as well as the types of clients they work with. Have they worked with clients in a similar field? This is by no means a deciding factor, but if the agency is familiar with a business of your size and industry then they will be more prepared to understand the nuances of your company and strategic objectives. You should also look for evidence of tenure with their existing clients, as long relationships are a sign of an agency that can be trusted.


Financial Backing

It’s important to consider fiscal commitment. Events management companies should have proven financial stability, as your money is going towards executive events that may not be happening for a year or two from now.


Full Service

For the best return on your investment, each element of the event needs to support your strategic goals. Full service event management companies can provide end-to-end solutions that go further than booking travel and accommodation and coordinating delegates to ensure your goals are met.



An event company is there to support your needs and business objectives. Should your requirements change, they need to be willing to adapt with you. Whether this means the ability to leverage a larger head count in a shorter time frame or scaled down service – such as if you only require assistance with particular elements of the event.


Step 2: Building Trust

Emphasise Trust

Strategic planning is key to the success of your event. This is because every decision that contributes to the final event should be considered within the overarching strategy of the event and business objectives. For this reason alone,  trust between you and your chosen events management company is vital. For the best return on investment, there must be transparency between your business and the agency. This is because your objectives and value proposition will have a strong influence over event management solutions.



Communication is integral to a happy collaboration. It’s important to have a clear vision for your event – but you should be open to new ideas or recommendations. The biggest benefit of working with event management companies is that they are specialised events experts. Whether that means coming up with indoor event ideas or managing logistics, they know what will and will not work in alignment with your business goals.

Ultimately, your success is their success so anything they suggest is in aim of reaching your desired outcomes.


Step 3: Continued Success

As previously mentioned, getting the most out of your partnership comes down to clear communication and collaboration. Additionally, proven results can help you ensure your lasting relationship goes from strength to strength to deliver outstanding corporate events every time. To provide comprehensive strategic services, it’s essential your chosen company can report on the success of their events. They should be able to work alongside you to determine how the next event can be improved.  As a customer you want to be able to say to your agency, ‘best event ever’ year after year, feedback that AWD often hears.

In any agency relationship, your strategic objectives come first. Corporate events management company AWD has a team that works with you. We will act as the perfect extension to your company, to drive success through all elements of your event.


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