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The global pandemic means that businesses are finding new ways to communicate with employees, and the majority of this is via virtual communication. Your business is likely to be hosting meetings through online video platforms such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. However, have you considered fun virtual events for your team too? 

With restrictions ongoing throughout the country, many people haven’t had a “normal” workplace environment for well over six months now. That can be truly impactful when it comes to the mental wellbeing of staff, staff productivity, and of course team motivation. It is very easy for employees to disengage from the company they work for when they no longer have face to face interaction – which is where fun virtual events can help. With online events for businesses, you can create a fun and engaging environment for your employees to reconnect in.

Virtual Team Building Events

Here at AWD, as a leading corporate event company, we are very experienced when it comes to planning events for businesses. One of the first things we need to know before planning an event however, is what the purpose of the event is. A common answer for this is: team building. Team building is a widely popular strategy for businesses worldwide. Especially as they can foster better communication and collaboration within a team which in turn, increases productivity in the workplace. Executive team building events is something we are proud to specialise in here at AWD, and during the recent climate, we are also proud to be taking this strategy virtual, with online team building activities. 

Virtual escape rooms are a fantastic way to develop team building skills. Alongside providing your employees with a fun and memorable experience. We can organise a complete virtual escape room package for your company. These virtual team building events can boost communication skills and enhance problem-solving skills. What’s more, they strengthen your team’s ability to organise projects within time constraints. Alongside all of this, virtual escape rooms can also reinforce and nourish relationships within the team.

Rewarding Remote Employees

With the majority of employees working remotely, it can be difficult to keep your team motivated to meet business goals. Particularly when there is a worldwide pandemic to contend with too, which brings its own distractions to homes and families. Fun virtual events are a great way to drive enjoyment and motivation back into the workforce. Especially when people are not physically in the workplace. 

Our corporate event organisers here at AWD can carefully craft a bespoke online event that is designed as an exciting incentive for your team. We can market it  and create a buzz through engaging email campaigns that motivate your team throughout the month, before executing the event that will create unforgettable memories for your employees. From virtual globe-trotting world races, through to online chocolate-making challenges. We’ve got the contacts, resources, and expertise to tune into exactly what will motivate and excite your staff. 

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