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When it comes to planning corporate private events you can trust AWD to put together an unforgettable experience for you and your team. We are one of the country’s leading corporate event management companies. We have got the experience, facilities and knowledge to tailor an exciting and luxury events package for your business. Whether you’re looking for a staff incentive or just a treat to say ‘thanks’ to your team, our events management team can create an experience that appeals to everyone. In addition, we can offer the most competitive prices too.

Being Original

We know that there are many different organisations that can host corporate private events for businesses, but we think that originality is key when it comes to event planning. We believe that if you want to spend money on exciting experiences for your team, you should be investing in something that really stands out and shows your team just how much you appreciate them. At AWD, we are incredibly passionate for all things corporate, and we’ll work with your budget and team’s interests to create a bespoke unique events package that truly is one-of-a-kind. We are incredibly versatile with our options and can accommodate a wide range of budgets, businesses and interests. So, whether you’re looking for an adventurous day out or a relaxing taste of luxury, you can rest assured that our event planning team will put together an experience that’s perfect for your team.

The Best Locations For Fun Corporate Events

We have got plenty of connections with attractions, sites, and venues up and down the country. Therefore, here at AWD we pride ourselves on the unique types of events that we can host for your business. With our plentiful list of venues and establishments, we can take a simple business lunch and turn it into an exciting and original experience. Your clients and employees certainly won’t forget it in a hurry.

Whilst some people prefer to stay on land, cruises are also an option here at AWD. We can even give you the opportunity to host your corporate event onboard a beautiful luxury boat. Start at Southampton and take your team for an indulgent cruise and lunch on the seas. Or, travel via boat to the highly established Arlington Hotel and dine on a Michelin-star meal. There’s plenty of additional venues that can be incorporated into the boat trip. Therefore, the opportunities and ideas are endless if you opt to take your team on an unforgettable cruise. Whatever you think your team will enjoy, enhance the experience even more by taking advantage of the luxury means of travel that we can provide here at AWD.

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If you would like to find out more information about our private events management, head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 0333 355 6947 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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