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In-person events are now back on the agenda in the UK and we couldn’t be happier. What better way to ease your way back into live events than hosting it outside? With the COVID rules and regulations changing regularly, hosting a corporate outdoor event is a great way to accommodate everyone. This even includes those who are still a little uncertain about attending in-person, giving incentives to employees too. Additionally, choosing an outdoor space for your corporate event means that your event is less likely to get cancelled. Especially if changes in restrictions take place.

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Outdoor events are spacious and versatile offering great value for money when it comes to how much space you have to work with. However, as we all know, British summer time doesn’t necessarily mean endless blue skies. Therefore it’s important that you are prepared for the infamous bad weather that can sometimes occur. Here’s three key considerations:


Planning Outdoor Events | Establish A Plan B

Without a plan B, bad weather can completely derail an event. This is no matter how much time and effort has gone into it. With this in mind, it’s important to spend plenty of time working on a backup plan should the weather not be in your favour. If your event is relying on outdoor activities or entertainment, be sure to arrange an alternative option like Corporate Events, that will still keep your employees engaged even if the sun doesn’t make an appearance. One great solution is to hire portable pavilions or marquees. These can be used as shelters and be your backup event space if it rains.


Planning Outdoor Events | Get to Know Your Venue Beforehand

If you have chosen an outdoor venue that already has a backup indoor section to use, make sure that you know all the important parts of the venue before the big day, so that you can map out a plan if the weather takes a turn. By making sure you know where all the various elements will take place should you need to head indoors. You can make sure everything is coordinated effectively should the entertainment/catering/attendees/hired vendors have to move quickly indoors.

Maps or signposts to keep your staff and attendees in the loop too is a good way to make sure people continue flowing throughout the venue should you need to move indoors. With everyone knowing exactly where things will be inside, you can reduce crowds and keep everything running smoothly regardless of the bad weather.


Planning Outdoor Events | Provide Amenities

If the weather does take a turn for the worst, having amenities and solutions for your guests on hand is a great way to keep spirits up and show them that you are prepared. From umbrellas to ponchos, these small tokens can go a long way to restoring the faith in your guests and ensuring the bad weather doesn’t put them off enjoying your event.


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