Keeping Your Events Safe From COVID-19

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In charge of event management for your company anytime soon? COVID-19 is likely to be at the forefront of your mind. Naturally the pandemic has affected the events industry. Event management companies have had to adapt to a whole new concept of event hosting whilst battling ever-changing guidelines. However, navigating through the minefield of rules and regulations has slowly gotten easier. Now restrictions have eased enough for the events industry to begin resuming. With a roadmap out of lockdown now set too, read our top tips below to help you adapt to upcoming events and keep your staff safe as well as attendees.

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Keeping Your Events Safe | Stay Informed On COVID-19 Gathering Rules

COVID-19 rules impact various parts of the UK, so it is vital that you stay on top of the latest rules on gatherings – inside and outside. The nation has experienced multiple lockdowns including local ones, so it is important to be prepared for any changes. Although a roadmap has been established, things can change at short notice so you must be prepared for all eventualities. Some key resources you can use to stay up-to-date with the safety guidelines are here:

Keeping Your Events Safe | Consider A Hybrid Event

Lots of in-person events can work just as well (or even better) in the form of a virtual or hybrid event. As leading event organisers in the UK, we have all the experience and resources needed to host unforgettable hybrid events. Although a hybrid event sounds very technical, we can ensure it runs smoothly, exactly how we would with any other corporate event. We’ll craft a fantastic agenda, support you with event promotion and set up the online platform as needed. Hybrid events combine in-person attendance with virtual attendance, providing more flexibility for guests, enhanced levels of safety without compromising on event quality and attendance, and the potential for even more engagement than you would get from a traditional in-person event. Alongside this, hybrid events also allow for an even wider scope of attendees as with the option of attending virtually, travel restrictions will not get in the way.

Keeping Your Events Safe | Communicate With Your Attendees

Communication across all parties plays a massive impact in the seamlessness of an event. Not only is communication important on the day, but keeping in touch with attendees beforehand can be pivotal for making sure everyone is in the loop. By maintaining communication beforehand, you can make sure you are keeping your attendees informed on any new restriction changes, outlining any COVID-safe precautions that need to be taken, and it gives you the opportunity to make sure you know who is and isn’t coming so that you can keep capacity levels safe.

Keeping Your Events Safe | COVID-Safe Events

Whether you are choosing to host a hybrid event or an entire in-person event, taking the right measures to keep the event COVID-safe is important both morally and legally. Aspects that effect an event to keep it COVID-safe, can range from social distancing and the catering, to hand sanitisation and mask-wearing. With ever-changing rules and regulations, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially when striving to achieve an event that keeps guests safe.

One solution to make this easier is working with a corporate events company like AWD. Here at AWD, we take all of the responsibility of hosting a COVID-safe event off your shoulder. We put it onto ours as we know exactly how to host one. We’ve got plenty of training in event planning post-pandemic. Meaning we know exactly how to keep events fun, engaging, and meeting their core purpose. At the same time taking care of the event’s COVID-safety aspects too.

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